My First Game: 1, 2, 3 Game

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My First Game: 1, 2, 3 Game

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With this fun and educational 123 game, children will be encouraged to learn to count from 1 to 10. The unique, colourful self-correcting puzzles are specifically designed so that only the correct hand, number or dice puzzle piece will fit with the correct picture. This ensures that even when you are not playing this game with your child, that he/she will still be able to benefit from playing it.

Each completed puzzle illustrates different quantities in several ways to encourage development in symbol association, number recognition and counting. Describing animals and puzzling pieces together encourages communication and the development of fine motor skills, as well as building a basic understanding of numeracy in a fun and explorative way. This is a fantastic game for homes with children of different ages and abilities, as it can be played in many different ways. High quality components; this game includes 10x picture pieces, 10x dice pieces, 10x number pieces, 10x hand pieces, 1x symbol dice and instructions. This game is suitable for ages 3 years plus and individual and collaborative play. Ravensburger has been making products for the hand, head, and heart for over 130 years.


10 puzzles made of: 10 picture pieces, 10 dice pieces, 10 number pieces, 10 hand pieces, 1 symbol dice, Instructions
Barcode: 4005556208081