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Your puzzle. Your ultimate challenge!

Do you love puzzles and are you looking for the ultimate challenge?

Our range of Krypt and Challenge puzzles offer you the ultimate puzzling challenge!

The Krypt puzzles, with their individual shape in the usual Ravensburger quality, are a new challenge for all puzzle professionals... The entire puzzle is just one colour. Each piece is so unique and different from the others, it makes finding the right place for the right piece a little easier than you might think. But let's not kid ourselves, this is still a very challenging range of puzzles to complete.

Our new "Challenge" series of puzzles allows every puzzle fan to immerse themselves in cool new worlds. Popular Marvel characters, Batman, Super Mario, Pokémon and DC Comics offer you very detailed images and a unique puzzling experience.

The only question is, are you brave enough to take on the CHALLENGE?

Krypt Pink Trailer Video
Watch the video to discover more
Krypt Pink Trailer Video
Watch the video to discover more
Krypt Pink Trailer Video
Watch the video to discover more

The hype is real - Krypt in pink!

It's going to be pink! Our social media star puzzle series Krypt goes onto the next level with this puzzle! This is one puzzle where you cannot rely on the image to give you clues as to where the pieces should fit. The jigsaw is puzzled solely according to the shape of the pieces. Krypt therefore consists of completely individually shaped parts.

This new puzzle challenge means - Think pink!

Krypt Gold

The first Krypt puzzle is a real puzzle classic with its exclusive colour! The single colour and the individual fit combine with 631 puzzle pieces to form a high-quality puzzle.

Golden times for puzzle fans!

Challenge accepted!

Now face the ultimate challenge with the new Challenge Puzzles!

These 1000 piece CHALLENGE puzzles are waiting for you! Set off on your own personal challenge and choose your favourite image. These CHALLENGE puzzles are tough and put your skills, concentration and spatial thinking to the test.

Challenge Puzzle - Batman

Challenge yourself and test your resolve and ultimate puzzling skills with this 1000pc CHALLENGE puzzle. Everything here revolves around the popular comic figure Batman!

The image is highly detailed, and filled with the obligatory "ka-pow" and "boom" and "bang" you would expect from a comic book puzzle.

Challenge Puzzle - Super Mario Bros

"It's-a-me, Mario!" - With this 1000 piece challenge puzzle you will find the popular retro cult figures from Super Mario Bros united on one puzzle. Princess Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, and of course Mario, all offer teeming puzzle fun!

Challenge Puzzle - Marvel

Many well-known Marvel heroes and characters are waiting for you in this 1000 piece challenge puzzle!

Challenge Puzzle - Pokémon

This colourful and striking 1000 piece puzzle image features just about every Pokémon character you have ever seen. The highly detailed image makes this a real challenge and ideal for any puzzler hoping to put their puzzling skills to the test.

Challenge Puzzle - DC Comics Justice League

All your favourite DC Comic heroes in one CHALLENGE puzzle. The image is highly detailed and full of colour and every bit as exciting as the comic stories themselves. Are you brave enough to take on the CHALLENGE?

The bigger the challenge - the greater the fun!

A few more challenging puzzles from the rest of our range

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