With CreArt everyone can become little artists!

Ideal for young artists aged 7 and up

CreArt sets contain everything that children need to become artists. This includes a high-quality fine-point paintbrush and thick acrylic paint to help budding artists create a fantastic result.

With CreArt, there are no black outlines. Instead, the borders are pre-printed in the colour that section will need to be painted with. This means that as you complete your painting, the edges and borders will look more professional, and you end up with a finished result you can be really proud of.

Painting is a great activity that is not only fun, but also exercises dexterity, improves concentration and guarantees satisfaction and pride to all young artists. There are three different levels of difficulty: from simple images with a few large areas to paint, up to images with lots of really small spaces for the more experienced.

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Decorate any room with CreArt masterpieces!

CreArt sets include:
- Thick painting canvas, pre-printed with coloured outlines
- Water-based acrylic paints in individually numbered and resealable pots
- Cardboard easel for the paint pots
- Fine-point high-quality paintbrush for detail painting
- White display frame
- Easy-to-follow guide sheet
(some sets contain additional decorative gems or glitter frames - please see individual packs for details)

Once the painting is finished and dry, pop it into the decorative display frame included in the set. You can hang your picture on the wall to decorate any room, or even give it to someone as a special gift. CreArt paintings make fantastic Mother's Day or Father's Day presents.
The colourful pictures and vivid designs are perfect to display in any room. Your little artists will be proud to hang their creations on the walls and admire the excellent result that can be achieved with these fun painting sets.

With so many wonderful designs available, which one will you choose first?

Series E - Ages 7+/9+, Canvas 18x13cm, Includes 10 pots of paint, Box 22x16x4.5cm

Series D - Ages 7+/9+/11+, Canvas 24x18cm, Includes 13/15 pots of paint, Box 27x20x4.5cm

CreArt for Adults

Find the artist inside with our range of CreArt for Adults. Specifically created for those who are looking for a mindful moment away from the everyday.
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