Puzzle Curiosities and Records

Piece by piece - jigsaw puzzles have become part of our modern lives

Some interesting facts about puzzles:

The first puzzle

In 1760, the engraver John Spilsbury sawed 39 counties on a map of England from thin mahogany wood. During geography lessons, the children were supposed to put them back together to form their home country. In so doing, he inadvertently invented the first jigsaw puzzle! Maps still remain one of the most popular image choices for puzzlers to date.

Making a puzzle

Around 160 working hours are required to build a cutter for a classic 1000-piece puzzle.

The punching dies are constructed using manufactory and watchmaker precision, which makes each puzzle piece unique. This precision tool-making ensures that in a Ravensburger puzzle up to 1000-pieces, there really is only one place each puzzle piece can fit.

Stolen puzzle pieces

When a woman walked out on her husband and her marriage, she took a handful of puzzle pieces from her husband's nearly completed 12,000-piece puzzle with her. Although our customer service team were able to replace the stolen pieces for this frustrated puzzler, sadly, we could not repair the marriage with his wife.

A matter of national importance

During the spring lockdown of 2020, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, declared jigsaw puzzles to be "absolutely essential over the next few months".

Digital Puzzles

20 or 500 pieces? With our Ravensburger Puzzle App for mobile iOS or Android devices, ambitious puzzlers can choose the right digital puzzle for every occasion. The app offers more than 2,000 images and you can choose the right piece count for you, with additional images added every month. It is the perfect place to complete a digital puzzle.

The "Ravensburger Puzzle Junior" app is available for children from the age of two and a half.

Wow, that's a lot!

About 65 meters of strip steel are used in the die-cutting tool for a 1000-piece Ravensburger puzzle.

Something for everyone

Ravensburger currently have around 660 different puzzles for children and adults in our global collection. From 2-piece puzzles for toddlers to diverse 3D puzzles with bendable pieces made of plastic to 40,320 pieces made of classic Ravensburger puzzle board.

Puzzle your own Lamborghini

The best-selling 3D Puzzle in 2020 was the model of the Lamborghini Huracán EVO

Puzzle under water

A specially made puzzle by Ravensburger which weighed 500 kilograms, was puzzled underwater by 50 divers, who worked non-stop for four days to piece it together. The puzzle carpet at the bottom of a swimming pool was around 100m² in size, and the crazy experiment was a success.

Really - more than 40,000 pieces!

The largest Ravensburger puzzle currently available in our range is cut into 40,320 pieces. When complete, the puzzle measures almost 14 square meters, weighs around 20 kilograms and shows ten "Unforgettable Disney Moments" as a panoramic puzzle.

Puzzling is relaxing

Many children and adults around the world have found that completing a jigsaw puzzle is very relaxing, and puzzling continues to become more and more popular. In 2020, Ravensburger shipped around 28-million of our jigsaw puzzles from our factory in Ravensburg, to over 70 countries around the world.