Have you ever wanted to make your own puzzle?

Here is a step by step guide on how you can do just that! We've got some great tips to get you started.
Sarah, our puzzle expert, has helped to develop over 2000 Ravensburger puzzles!

She has these suggestions to help get you started on designing your very own puzzle:
1) Start with a blank piece of paper. A4 is a good size to start with. You could always try something bigger later on.

2) Use a ruler and pencil to draw a faint grid pattern on your paper. The squares will show you how big the puzzle pieces will be and will also help you plan your design out.

3) A 12 piece puzzle is a good place to start.
Create a basic grid
Draw your picture
A strong outline will make your drawing really stand out
Have fun colouring or painting your picture
You are almost done
Draw a puzzle grid to cut the picture into puzzle pieces
4) Decide what the main theme of your puzzle will be. It's ideal for that main picture to fill at least three or four of the squares in your puzzle grid.

5) After you've drawn your main picture, add lots of smaller details all over the page to make sure you have something in each of the squares on the puzzle grid.

6) Use as many colours and shapes as you can. Not only does this make the puzzle more fun and colourful to do, but it also makes it a bit easier to put together too.

What theme will you do?

Animals? Favourite foods? Family? Sports?

The choice is yours, but start with something that makes you happy!

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